Did I ever share this snapchat that I took at the gym one time?

Currently touching myself to the Girls Gone Wild video

by Madonna. Yes I realize how gay this makes me, bite me. The guys in the video are smoking hot!

click and enjoy! ;)



Even those gifs can’t express how much I appreciate all 101 of you guys! :) I honestly didn’t think I would ever reach 100, or even 20 followers!

I’m really glad you guys like what I blog and reblog! :) I hope to keep talking to all of you and to meet new followers! And if I’m not talking to you, send me a message!

love you guys, I hope you have a fantastic day! <3

That moment

when you get back from the gym, you’ve been working out hard for the past week and you think you look awesome and you actually don’t hate your body…

But then you get on tumblr and see all the hotties

then you feel like crap again….

another short situation…

When you see a cute guy eating alone at another table, you make excuses to walk past him to get a better look 

"oh my drink needs a refill, or whoops I dropped my fork, guess I better go get another one"

and you try look as possible without him noticing or looking like a creep.

 You don’t talk to him because you don’t have the balls

(and he has his headphones in)

then you leave the cafeteria hoping maybe you’ll one day run into him again…..

I’m pathetic. lol :)