My roommate and his girlfriend just stopped a movie with less than 45minutes left to go run errands. Who the fuck am I living with?! What kind of person does this kind of thing?!

It pisses me off so much on how quickly strawberries go bad.

I’m so sick of people telling me I’m a “bad” gay because of my personal interests of music, tv and so on. I FUCK GUYS I THINK IM DOING A PRETTY GOOD JOB AT BEING GAY!

I hate how one person can put me down for a while. I wish I had the personality to not give a shit what other people think about me.

So I was watching Vlogcandy videos

and it made me happy and sad. That channel was one of the things that helped through high school. It’s kind of what got me obsessed with YouTube and the rest of the internet :)

Did anybody else watch that collab channel? I think they are one of the best groups of people to ever come across on the internet :)

So I went to a Pride event in Amarillo

Nothing special but still fun! Got free condoms, HIV testing, and a gift card to Walmart haha

But once again I tried to get my straight guy friends to come along with me. They were wondering what Pride was and I just said its just an event where people can just celebrate who they are. He asked who goes to these things and I said anyone can go! Its for both straight and gay people. Well he just said he wasn’t sure what I meant and thought it would be weird so I just ended up going by myself until Blair showed up.

It’s hard explaining what pride is or the gay culture to my friends. Sometimes I feel I shouldn’t worry about it because I know they’ll be so ignorant about it. Whatever I had a good time! I hope everyone is having a great Pride month as well!

So sometimes my guy friends can piss me off.

Last night a few of us decided to go clubbing. Well we managed to convince a couple of my straight friends to go to a gay club. (which it ended up not being great so we just ended up going to a straight club later anyways)

One of my friends starts bitching about how it was going to be weird and how guys were going to be hitting on him and grabbing him. I kept telling him that nobody was going to be grabbing him and if a guy hits on him he should feel flattered and tell him he’s not interested or he’s straight and he will back off.

I also told him it would be the same situation as if a girl was hitting on him and he could just tell her he wasn’t interested. They argued that “I didn’t understand” and “it was not the same thing”

Note it was just two of my guy friends that were saying this. The rest of my girl and guy friends were agreeing with me. It’s just frustrating because they said they are “accepting” of gay people yet they turn around and be so judgmental about a stupid club.

Its also hard when they all use “gay” and “fag” in a negative use all the time. I told them it doesn’t bother me (because I try not to let little things get under my skin). But for some reason lately its just been difficult to shrug or laugh it off.

I’m sorry for ranting and making a huge post on your dash but for some reason that just bothered me a lot and I just needed to vent.

Most recent Survivor

I just watched it since I was too busy Wednesday and I have to say it sums up in three words: OH MY GOSH!

Oh my gosh why would an entire tribe give up immunity?!
Also oh my gosh Colton what you said was just embarrassing and ignorant. I feel so bad for Bill :(


I am not liking How I Met Your Mother so far. I mean the most recent episode was the funniest yet (sadly). But the show isn’t moving ANYWHERE!!! Ted is pretty much the useless character even though it’s about how HE met his wife. Gosh, I never thought one of my favorite shows would make me feel so sad and disappointed. :(

Seriously are there any gay guys that HAVE seen Star Wars? Seriously.

My god…

the guys in this season of Survivor are so gorgeous and hot! (except for the two old ones) girls aren’t half bad looking either!

The girls are pretty much going to screw themselves over so I’m rooting for the male tribe! Sucks what happened to Courtney, I like rooting for the outsider!

I feel like this season is going to be so much better! A big relief from just bringing back douches from the past seasons!

College rant.

So I had an 8:00 class this morning. But when I woke up I really didn’t want to go.

I really wanted to just skip it but I had a project due in the class. HOWEVER, when I get there the professor said it wasn’t going to be due until Tuesday. He lets us leave to “work” on our projects and tells us to come back at 9:50, just to tell us “well, if you have any questions just let me know, other than that you can go”


I’m going back to bed. goodnight :P

So I went to poster sale

at my school and they had about everything from movie posters, tv shows, nature, whatever (by the way, you write down the poster number on a card then at check out they get the poster for you)

Well I saw a badass picture of How I Met Your Mother crew and I was like

but at the bottom it said “sold out”

well I looked around some more, and there was another one that didn’t say sold out

I find some other posters and then proceed to check out! Well at the desk they told me that they sold out of the second HIMYM poster AND they were sold out of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia poster I wanted

don’t even get me started on the rest of my day when I dealt with asshole employees at Walmart and Sam’s Place.


don’t you hate it when you meet that special person, you become friends with them, get their number and add them on Facebook 

and you are like 

then you stalk their pictures a little bit then move on to their information. THEN the worst thing you ever want to see

"In a relationship with <another fucking person>"

then all these emotions scramble through your head.