It pisses me off so much on how quickly strawberries go bad.

Playing Clue with the family and I got Plum as my character. Look at that sassy catfish!



Even those gifs can’t express how much I appreciate all 101 of you guys! :) I honestly didn’t think I would ever reach 100, or even 20 followers!

I’m really glad you guys like what I blog and reblog! :) I hope to keep talking to all of you and to meet new followers! And if I’m not talking to you, send me a message!

love you guys, I hope you have a fantastic day! <3

When your teacher tells you to find a partner and you look at your friend


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it fucking sucks when the friend you want to pair up with is looking at another person to pair up with, then you go into panic mode and try to see who are your options. Then you get stuck with the annoying kid of the class….

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happens on every FUCKING sunday